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#9 – Who The Hell Was Socrates?

BIOGRAPHY Socrates (Ca. 469 v.Chr. – 399 v.Chr. ) was a man with the wisdom of an owl. He used to walk the earth a long time ago. This pihlosopher lived during the time...

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#8 – Juvenile delinquency: Problem Explained

This essay discusses the pros and cons of giving harsh sentences to juvenile delinquents. The problem of teen crime, for example  aggravated assault or pick pocketing, is getting worse. Recent articles state that youth...

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#6 – The Chinese Holy Animal

This new post is about the holy dragon. The dragon is present in many different cultures, but the Chinese version stands out in my opinion. As a matter of fact it’s pretty unique, therefore this new blog will tell you all about this myth.

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#3 – BLACKFISH: The Truth Behind Orcas in Captivity

I’ve recently witnessed a bewildering documentary titled ‘Blackfish’. In the documentary specialists investigate the astounding rumours around the death of orca trainers and whether keeping this massive mammal in captivity is or isn’t such...

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#2 – Follow the Rabbit-Proof Fence

This is a small rehash on the book – written by Doris Pilkington – Follow the Rabbit-Proof Fence. As a note, there are no spoilers in this small summary. If you’re curious check it out!

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#1 – An Introduction to me and my Blog

This is my first post, my first step into this world, and what you’re about to read is actually a kind of a cliché, but don’t hesitate to do so. This post is an introduction to myself, as a matter of fact it answers the main question: Who am I and what do I do? Take a look…